Product Development Executive

Salary: 12,000,00018,000,000 VNĐ


Team: Product Development

Application deadline: 01/01 — 31/01/2021

Job Description


  • The Product Development Executive (PDE) will aid the Product Development Manager (PDM) in overseeing the Ready-to-Eat, Counter Food, Bakery and Proprietary Beverage programs in the 7-Eleven Viet Nam convenience store system. The main objective of the person in this role is to follow the PDM’s directions and initiatives in designing, developing and maintaining a portfolio of fresh food and beverage products that is appealing to our customers’ discerning and diverse tastes and health requirements while meeting the strictest food safety standards and upholding the high 7-Eleven global brand benchmarks.



  • Participate in market research, compile and analyze relevant data to help guide the conceptualization of the Fresh Food program
  • Prepare literature review, including but not limited to laws and regulations research and industry information, to provide inputs to ensure compliance and appropriation of the Fresh Food program
  • Input data into our master system, including but not limited to the Product master, Supplier master, and Promotion master
  • Maintain communication with commissaries/suppliers/central kitchens, including but not limited to preparing meeting recaps following each sample testing session, scheduling meetings, preparing NDAs for current and prospective commissaries/suppliers/central kitchens
  • Research and incorporate innovations in food preparation techniques, technology, packaging and ever-changing trends in taste and health to keep our menu fresh and updated
  • Analyze product sales and profitability data to provide meaningful inputs for the refinery, enhancement and adaptation of our menu to meet our performance targets and ultimately our customers’ needs



  • Bachelor Degree in Food Nutrition, Culinary degree or equivalent certificate with a minimum of three (3) years of food service experience, culinary experience in a high-traffic full-service or QSR
  • Ability to travel frequently to/from meetings and to various locations especially to partner’s production and staging facilities and on-site to stores in Viet Nam. Ability to travel and stay for periods of 1-4 weeks outside of Viet Nam at least once or twice a year
  • Fluent in spoken and written Vietnamese and English a must, ability in Japanese a bonus

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